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We've compiled some of the more popular questions you should ask of a DJ service to ensure you hire a professional, quality service. If you are hiring a disc jockey for the first time, thank you for considering us. Whether you decide on our services or not, we hope the following information will help guide you to choosing only the best DJ for you. We encourage you to call us with your questions at 630-540-9915.

What makes a great disc jockey stand apart from all the rest?
A quality disc jockey service takes the time necessary to plan, execute and deliver professional entertainment to your party. A quality disc jockey service will also have a reliable staff of professional DJ's and a music library that is kept current and can cover any taste in music.

What should I look for in a disc jockey service?
A professional disc jockey will be willing to meet with you to discuss your party, wedding, school dance or corporate function. The should also be able to provide at least 3 references, and provide a contract to protect your rights.

Why should I choose Travelin' Tunes?
We offer personal services, including free consultations. We don't have any hidden extras and don't charge for silly things such as additional microphones or backup equipment. We offer a wide variety of different packages for your wedding, corporate event, school dance or party to keep guests partying all night long. We offer backup equipment in the unlikely event anything should fail. Our staff of full-time disc jockeys are among the best n the area.

Should I be concerned with the equipment a disc jockey uses?
The only time you should be concerned with the DJ's equipment is when you are choosing your DJ service. You shouldn't have to worry about the service's equipment during your party; that's why you are paying them. Basic equipment considered acceptable for general functions include:
Two 15" Speakers of professional quality (JBL, EV, Bose, Peavey, etc.)
Dual CD Player or two main players (Denon, Pioneer, Numark)
One backup CD Player of professional grade
Professional Mixer (Gemini, MTX, Numark, Pioneer, Rane, Vestax)
Road Case to protect and present a clean look
Amplifier (QSC, Crown, Crest) starting at 300 watts.
Be cautious of Disc Jockeys who brag about their DJ system being all computerized and only play mp3s. Although computer technology is very good, they do crash. How would you feel if  your party ended suddenly because the DJ fried his hard drive? Additionally, computerized DJs are usually newcomers and don't have the resources for back-up equipment or the latest music unless they downloaded it.

How do I know if the disc jockey service has the music I want?
Simply put, ask them! A professional disc jockey service will have at least their top 200 songs available for you to see their diversity when it comes to music. Other services have a diverse music selection of over 5000 songs to choose from. Although most services welcome music requests, we recommend against outlining all of the music to be programmed throughout the event. You are paying the disc jockey to read the crowd and program which songs will fit best and when. If a service doesn't have Frank Sinatra, the Village People, Shania Twain, "The Electric Slide/Boogie", Celine Dion and other basics, you might want to reconsider your decision.

How much does a disc jockey service cost?
One thing to keep in mind is that in the disc jockey industry you generally get what you pay for. Expect to pay about $700 to start for a quality wedding dj, about $400 for a middle school, and $550 starting for a high school disc jockey. Prices will vary on lighting effects, experience, sound and amount of time. Be suspicious if you are booking a disc jockey for anything under $300. If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

Is the disc jockey experienced?
As outlined above, a club dj isn't necessarily cut out to do your wedding. Likewise, a company that advertises "20 years experience" might very well be in business 20 years, but will they send a DJ with that amount of experience? Be cautious about the disc jockey services that choose to brag about the number of lighting effects they own, how many watts their amps are, or how many events they do. Be more attentive to the satisfied customers and references. The number of events might indicate a successful service, but check to see how many events your disc jockey has done, how often he/she is recommended, and what customers have to say. A dj service advertising 6000 watts of power is trying to sell you with sound alone. Ask about their experience. Also be aware that there is a significant difference between working for people as a "crew" and actually performing the duties of a professional disc jockey.

I've found my disc jockey service; what now?
Congratulations! Now that you've made an educated decision, make sure you get a contract and read all of the terms carefully. Pay attention to the cancellation clause. Many dj services require a deposit or reservation fee to secure the date. This is a common practice, but if you are concerned you might wish to ask if you can get it back or at least have it applied to future functions. Many services will not refund your deposit after a set number of days. This is due to the fact that they might have already turned down other paying jobs thinking they were going to do yours. You might consider meeting with your disc jockey or at least have a formal discussion about your event via telephone to go over details.


Jesse & Elizabeth Luke - "Everything was excellent! Derek - you made our wedding so much fun! We hope to see you at many of our friends' weddings in the future; we are recommending Travelin' Tunes to all of our friends."

McKesson in Carol Stream - "Derek is excellent, we will use again next year."

VCT - "Travelin' Tunes handles all of our announcements, prizes, winners, games, etc. - terrifically!! Plus plays cd's and requests, which works great for our very multicultural group."

Nicole and Eric Jushka - "Thank you very much. You did an excellent job and I would gladly recommend you to anyone I know. We were very happy and had many compliments on Derek."

Darleen and Gary Horvath - "Everything was perfect, we received many compliments from guests about the music, everyone danced. The photographer was very impressed by the DJ coordinating special photo times and not missing them."

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